Statuspage Title Formatting

Reopening Typo Error in Statuspage.

Currently, there are five colos with malformed names:

["Basra, Iraq (BSR)", "Najaf, Iraq (NJF)", "Nasiriyah, Iraq (XNH)", "Ramallah - (ZDM)", "Hong Kong - (HKG)", "Macau - (MFM)", "Taipei - Taiwan (TPE)"]

I noticed this when the Statusmap started showing these colos as being at [0,0], which meant it couldn’t match with the locations given by the speed API, so I just wanted to make y’all aware of it.

I built a rudimentary Worker to track which colos have malformed names, which can be viewed here:
It can also be used to check whether a name is formatted correctly, like so: [, Iraq(BSR)](, Iraq(BSR)), which returns false, and [, Iraq - (BSR)](, Iraq - (BSR)), which returns true.

Sorry for the weird formatted links, I guess the markdown engine doesn’t like parentheses inside of a link…

Thanks, I’ve escalated this for the attention of the customer support team who handle the Status Page.

These have been fixed 2 minutes ago.

Thanks for reporting.

Indeed I have addressed the majority of the list, however I am awaiting feedback from my team on Macau & Hong Kong as these cities are special regions.

Update to follow.


Additional note, Ramallah is also pending along with Macau & Hong Kong. These might end up remaining as is as per uniqueness / political factors.


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