Status with email forwarding

I’m a bit confused over the status with email forwarding with domains registered with Cloudflare.

I currently have a domain on a UK registrar. This routes web requests to Cloudflare and forwards all emails to my Gmail account. This is due for renewal next month, and now that Cloudflare can handle UK domains, it would make sense for me to transfer this domain to Cloudflare, and have all the admin in one place.

However, if I go into the transfer domain option, it tells me that “Cloudflare Registrar does not support email forwarding” and tells me I should use a third-party forwarding service - which rather defeats the purpose.

Under “Email” on my account, I see beta Email Routing, for which I can “request access”. Is this intended to provide this missing functionality? If so, I’m thinking it would probably be better for me to renew my domain with my existing provider, and maybe think about transferring to Cloudflare in a couple of years time.

I also see an ‘email forwarding’ app, which offers to “Forward mail for your domain to your current email address”. How does this fit into things? My current address for Cloudflare is an address on my domain, which seems rather circular, though I could change my Cloudflare address to my Gmail account.

Domains registered at Cloudflare will require you to use Cloudflare name servers. Due to this, you will have your site on Cloudflare too and can use the (soon:tm:) upcoming email routing.

So yes, you can use this if you use CF as your registrar when email routing comes out.

Email routing is a routing service though, you will need to send it to another email address like your personal gmail. I don’t believe (could be wrong) that email routing will support sending from those emails on release. So keep that in mind too.

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thanks for the very prompt reply :slight_smile:

If ‘soon’ means within the next couple of weeks, then ok, otherwise I assume I’m better off renewing with my existing provider.

When you say “I don’t believe (could be wrong) that email routing will support sending from those emails”, if I understand you to mean that I can’t send emails from my Gmail acct with a domain address, this is an issue with my current arrangement, so wouldn’t change. Gmail checks that there is an address for the ‘from’, and as there’s no mail server for that domain, doesn’t find one and refuses to send. I have to use the domain address as a reply-to, which is not very satisfactory, but does work.

Well, I don’t have an exact time but from movement in the docs, it should be relatively soon. I have absolutely no confirmed time though

Corect yes

ok thanks. I’ll leave it for a week or two and see.

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