Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending)


My site is still stuck on “Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending)” and has been for days:

A whois on the domain shows that the Nameservers have been transferred for days.

I’ve kicked off a “rescan” so many times I have no faith it’s actually doing anymore, I just get this message:

"Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending)

Please ensure your website is using the nameservers provided:"


Typically, 24 hours is enough, but sometimes it takes up to 48 hours.

If it’s been more than 48 hours, definitely open up a support ticket login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

By the way, is this a brand new website? I’m not seeing any address records for it. Along those lines, can you get to the DNS tab at Cloudflare and enter some A records?


It’s been more than that for sure; first re-scan was kicked off Friday I think?


I added a bit to my earlier message: New site?


Newish, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to see any records for it. I screencap them in the OP and confirmed that shows up in the URL you linked to. See:

Yep, was able to enter configure the DNS in CloudFlare:


Your domain is under the serverHold status. Basically your registry (ICM Registry LLC, who control .XXX) has suspended your domain and DNS record will not propagate until this status has been removed.

Please contact Hover, your registrar, who will inform you what you need to do in order to un-suspend your domain.

The most common issue is that you forgot to verify your WHOIS email address. If that is the case, they can resend you a verification email.

Please also note that ICM Registry LLC impose additional regulation on .XXX TLD which you can see here:


Hey Indexer, I’m kind of experiencing the same issue of my site being on hold (not as long as yours by any means though). However in reading your story and the answers which commented suspension of domain and all, it sounded really interesting LOL…will you please come back and finish the story ? Tell the details and culmination of things. thanks.