Status "Operational" but I'm still offline


I joined Cloudflare yesterday because my site was offline. My domain is registered at Dotster, and for reasons that were not my doing Dotster parked my domain. This took my site, hosted at Flywheel, offline. After much thrashing around I determined that Dotster requires nameservers, which Flywheel does not provide, so I opened an account and registered bmy site at Cloudflare to obtain nameservers. So far, so good.

Now Cloudflare diagnostics says my site is “operational” nearly everywhere. Another DNS propagation checker at has nearly all green checks now. Yet my site is still offline. On social media I’m hearing from people around the country, plus a couple of other countries, who say they can’t open the site and just get a “can’t find the server” message. Does this mean something else is wrong?

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Major DNS changes can take up to 48 hours.

It sounds like your site on Flywheel still works…for those getting proper DNS responses. The others may just have to wait.

If you’d like us to poke around some more, post the domain name.


What’s your domain?


SO you have set your DNS the ones provided by CF. Did you set DNS records in your CF panel to point to your server?


My domain is


Other than mixed content, everything seems to be working.

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