Status of Shopify O2O for non-Enterprise Cloudflare users

Cloudflare Workers can be use with Shopify (a Cloudflare user themselves) if O2O is enabled:

This is currently limited to Cloudflare Enterprise users. I’m a Shopify app developer, and I’d really like to be able to integrate with Cloudflare to enable certain features that just aren’t possible via Shopify’s own APIs. Of course, that won’t be viable if it is only usable by Enterprise users. I’ve read that this limitation is simply down to the fact that it’s currently a manual process to enable on Cloudflare’s part:

According to the post here, the plan is to soon make O2O available to all Cloudflare users. Great news! I just wanted to know if there are any updates on this, and where should I look out for any announcement? Is there any way I can be notified? If this goes live, I’m very keen to start exploring the possibilities.