Status of Shopify O2O for non-Enterprise Cloudflare users

Cloudflare Workers can be use with Shopify (a Cloudflare user themselves) if O2O is enabled:

This is currently limited to Cloudflare Enterprise users. I’m a Shopify app developer, and I’d really like to be able to integrate with Cloudflare to enable certain features that just aren’t possible via Shopify’s own APIs. Of course, that won’t be viable if it is only usable by Enterprise users. I’ve read that this limitation is simply down to the fact that it’s currently a manual process to enable on Cloudflare’s part:

According to the post here, the plan is to soon make O2O available to all Cloudflare users. Great news! I just wanted to know if there are any updates on this, and where should I look out for any announcement? Is there any way I can be notified? If this goes live, I’m very keen to start exploring the possibilities.

Hi. What is the status of this update?

I didn’t realize that I needed to be an Enterprise user to connect my Shopify to my Cloudflare. Now I have to wait 60 days to transfer my domain out. This is costing me money.

You don’t.

This is only for your own Cloudflare settings to also apply - nothing stops you from just adding the domain to Shopify and letting them manage the settings for you.


Any news on this topic? Would also be nice to know which plans would actually be able to configure o2o in the near future.

@smarsh any news on that? This is such a critical topic (SEO) for many shopify users and it’s very hard to have good arguments to obtain a 1000+ enterprise plan just to get this feature vs 200$/month for e.g. a bussiness account

Still working on it, no ETA I can share yet but we’re getting close.


Thank you for your response.
No ETA is ok for me, if it still happens in 2022.

Do you have any information which plan(s) (next to Enterprise) will make it possible to use o2o in the near future?

All of the plans.


Hey @smarsh, do you know if there are plans to get this out by EOY?

No commitments unfortunately; given its end of the year and we have all of the US holidays coming soon - plus christmas, new years, etc soon after I doubt any fundamental changes will occur before January 2023.

I know its not the news you and others wanted - so in the meantime if you do need a few zones enabling for O2O, drop me a line at smarsh at Cloudflare com and I’ll enable them as quick as I can (might take a few days sometimes). Hopefully this gets you unblocked ahead of the holidays.


@smarsh hello, is it possible to enable o2o for in a pro plan for shopify? there are no other options left to fight bots, and the enterprise is very expensive for small businesses

Any update on this @smarsh ? :slight_smile: We have a lot of clients who would start paying for Cloudflare if they had some extra CF features they could turn on.

@smarsh Wanted to reach out to see if there is a way to enable O2O for the Pro plan?

Apologies all - I missed the ping on this thread.

The removal of the ‘manual opt in’ is progressing slowly, but still moving forward. I dont have a date to share, but in the interim please do continue to drop me an email and I can have the team manually enable:

in the meantime if you do need a few zones enabling for O2O, drop me a line at smarsh at Cloudflare com and I’ll enable them as quick as I can (might take a few days sometimes).

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Hey @smarsh,

Have a customer who needs this. Any update on availability?