Status of EU data centers - How overloaded is CF in 2021?

Is it possible to get a list of saturation of Cloudflare’s EU data centers and plans for capacity upgrades, e.g. LHR as an anycast ingestion point is only available on Enterprise plans it seems. On free plans eyeballs in EU are hitting MIA or YYZ at various times in the day.

On a paid plan with Pro, and even with Argo enabled, UK eyeballs still go to CDG/AMS first (cdn-cgi/trace), then on the CF private backbone (the pointless Argo), and then off to eyeballs back in London…

I think it’s a gimmick to be pushing Argo without telling customers “unless your domain is on an Enterprise plan your eyeballs might be hitting anycast ingestion colos a significant distance away from the optimal ingestion point (some cases like MIA last week upto 6500km away), in these cases the small percentage win of Argo simply isn’t worth it”


I doubt that this information would ever be made public. It would give an attacker information on whether their attack is actually working or not.

There has been some funny routing going on lately, and I’ve seen connections to places I would not consider to be “local”. I don’t have any definitive information on what is actually happening. It might be related to the recent terms of service enforcement actions we have seen, or it might just be an experiment.

It was mentioned previously CF is currently struggling with load in Europe, and the routing would be a result of this

Oddly according to site some sites on Pro plan seems to get LHR whilst others dont… hmm

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