Status of BETA's


Do you have any idea what’s the status of the following:

  • Pages
  • Functions
  • Plugins

I’m developing a serious project and wouldn’t want to wake up with stuff being removed because it was BETA.

Essentially looking for some re-assurance that the current Functions / Plugins will stay…

Pages has been GA since July 2021 -

We’re working towards Functions GA right now, I can’t give a timeline but it’s in the works.

Plugins are not in beta either :slight_smile:

Of course, Functions/Plugins are powerful. We wouldn’t remove them :slight_smile:

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I see, many thanks.

Basically I see BETA in many places like my dashboard, docs: Functions (beta) · Cloudflare Pages docs and so on, which got me worried.

I’m building an Auth system for Pages as per my other post and it will heavily rely on existing Functions/Plugins etc.