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I am using cludflare since one year for my site two days back i have removed my site from Cloudflare and i have added the site again but since then i am facing issue. since two days site status is Status: Not an active zone.
It is showing " pending name servers update" i have already updated name servers since two days but still nothing is happening.

can you please help

Looks OK to me, I see the name servers set and the site loads OK, perhaps clear browser cache, try from a mobile or incognito window?

I just tried in different browser and it is giving me same notification " pending nameserver update"

Edit: From the DNS tab, can you cancel the DNSSEC setup? Once the zone is active again, you can re-enable that.

On home tab it is showing “ pending name-servers update.

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OK, thank you. Did you disable DNSSEC?

I have no idea about this. I don’t know where i can disable it.

Sorry, its on the dns tab of the Cloudflare dashboard, if you scroll down you should see an option to disable dnssec.

thank you for your help but this is note i am seeing there “DNSSEC is pending while we wait for the DS to be added to your registrar. This usually takes ten minutes, but can take up to an hour.”

Cancel it, please.


After checking with Cloudflare support i have found out that, DNSSEC was enabled at my registrar end and now they had disablled it. Hopefully issue should be resolved soon. Anyway, thanks again for your help

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