Status: Failed - HTTPS SSL Certificate failed to be processed

Hello Cloudflare experts, Have been using cloudflare with my blogspot website for over 7 months without any issues
Ssl - Full
blogger Ssl - on
https redirect - working

until today,

my blogger blog begins to show
Status: Failed - HTTPS SSL Certificate failed to be processed due to challenge data not being visible through the public internet. Check your DNS setup. The operation will retry shortly.

My website is

but currently have changed my ssl to flexible for my website to show, but my sitemap is no more showing https

help me

There could be and are some known issues due to the Flexible SSL option as written on below article:

Should be on Full (Strict) SSL as follows:

I am not sure but, you could temporary switch the A type DNS record for and from :orange: to :grey:.
Wait for a day or if you can somehow check if the SSL is still a valid one and covering your domain.
In case if needed, try to renew your SSL certificate through their interface.
Maybe a below links could help a bit too in this process:

Test out if you can get an HTTPS connection and if the SSL certificate is valid using for example below online tools:

After success and your new SSL certificate is generated by Blogger, switch back from :grey: to :orange: to make sure your Website is proxied by Cloudflare, therefore re-check and select Full (Strict) SSL as an option at the SSL/TLS tab from Cloudflare dashboard for your domain.
Otherwise, you could temporary turn on the Pause Cloudflare on this site option to make possible for the SSL certificate to renew at the Blogger interface.

Useful artucles:

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