Status: Domain locked and it makes me very sad :((((((


I am having a similar issue to After domain transfer, zone overview status: domain locked.

When I first entered my activation codes from GoDaddy into Cloudflare I forgot to unlock them (oooops, my bad). I have since done so, and performed the ‘cancel and retry’ on all of them but domains are still showing as locked in Cloudflare. I also see no pending transfers out in Godaddy.

I checked WHOIS and domain status is ‘ok’ for all domains.

Halp me plx and thnx.



You may just have to Cancel and wait a bit (a day would be nice) before you retry. You can also open a Support ticket while you wait:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

If you’d like us to take a closer look, post the domain(s).

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Are you sure? The issue I linked was resolved by a cloudflare team member…

Believe we found the issue - there was a backlog of calls between us and the registry - which meant the locked status was the latest update we had and we weren’t current with the unlock; we’ve since cleared the queue and, if you log out and back in, you should see the correct status.



This domain registrar service is not ready for prime time, lol.

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100% haha. They don’t even have good super bowl commercials yet.



Hi @andrew26, I see a few domains transferred and a couple in process. I moved some from godaddy and 1&1 and noticed on the godaddy ones they would sit for a week unless logged into godaddy and approved the transfer. If I did not approve, they’d sit for the week at the old registrar.