Status Code 500

Does anyone know why I would get a Status Code 500 on when testing this URL
The website works just fine, I don’t get why I receive a Status Code 500.

Interesting enough, is not showing that error, however redirects to the www (and I am trying to find out how I added this, it is a while since I created the site and just migrated it to a new server + Cloudflare DNS, where I realised that all my sites do not redirect automatically from non-www to www, however this one is, so I started digging and found above error.

Anyone has a clue why this happens?
I have zero errors in the logs and the site works just fine, you may try it :smiley:

They are different sources and errors like Error 1101: Rendering error can cause it to show error 500: Internal Server error on 3rd party sources, the actual error code can be found in the error logs on your cloudflare dashboard.

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