Status Code 200 Ok Missing "Ok"

Hello Everyone -

I have an issue where status codes are being changed from 200 Ok to just 200…Where is my OK going to? I have some AJAX web parts that rely on that specific message coming back. I am a new customer as of a week and this used to work before we routed traffic through CF. Has anybody seen an issue like this before and or know how to resolve it.

This is not just for 1 part of our application but for everything that returns a 200 message.

Any help would be appreciated.

Possibly HTTP 2?

The reason phrase has been already optional in HTTP 1 and has been dropped in HTTP 2. You best adjust your code so that it only works with the status code.

Thanks @sandro I will have to look at that. Makes sense to me and I am sure that I have that enabled in the CloudFlare console.

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