Status Active won't show


I’ve changed my nameservers and CNAME and changed SSL to Full, and it all looks good on Cloudflare. BUT when I’m looking at my Overview in Cloudflare it says Status: “Unknown”. Why?

I’m on a Free Plan, so I shouldn’t need to pay anything for it to get it to work, or am I wrong?

When I try to save my custom domain on Kajabi it comes upp that my Apex Domains are not supported, that my custom domain hasn’t passed some verifications steps. But I’ve done them all. Can you tell me what I’m missing?





Can you post a screenshot of that status?

Your DNS setup looks okay to me and your certificate seems to work as well.


Here you can see the screenshots of both Cloudflare and Kajabi.



That status is not referring to the setup on Cloudflare and it is not an issue.

As for the message you received, please check out what the details say. They refer to the issue.