Statistically speaking, what's the percentage of total site's that use CF?

Ok, I have a question: What’s the percentage of sites across the world that use Cloudflare? 2%? 5%? 10%? 20%?

And yes, I know that an EXACT number cannot be given (as more sites and ppl signing up for CF are increasing by the second)!

This recent blog post quotes a few statistics pointing to around 19% of all websites:

However, this tool has Cloudflare as responding to about 21 million websites out of more than 450 million properties with a DNS pointing to the top 100 hosts. That would amount to 4.71% of these websites:

So it all depends on who you ask, what methodology they use etc.

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So (to the closest whole number), 5% of websites use CF? Damn, that’s good (but should be higher in my opinion! :wink:) !


While Cloudflare certainly provides a valuable service, I don’t think think things should be even more centralised than they already are.

Also, keep in mind, lots of that traffic is still on HTTP, even though it claims to be secure.

Yeah it’s “secure” (NOT!)

Cloudflare is used by 80.5% of all the websites whose reverse proxy service we know. This is 19.4% of all websites.

basically what @cbrandt said :smiley:

Though other perspectives Cloudflare Usage Statistics


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