Static website hosted on AWS S3 stopped working...creating new bucket worked

I faced a strange issue.

I have set-up Cloudflare in front of a static website hosted on AWS S3. I followed all guides and documetation and everything worked fine for several days. I also set up another website using the same process for a sub-domain of my website.

Then suddenly, both (main domain and sub-domain) stopped working today. I started getting timeouts and errors like “…chunk.js net::ERR_ABORTED 522”.

After looking up several forums, threads, etc., I paused Cloudflare on site, purged cache, moved cache to “No query string”, everything. When nothing helped in resolving my issue, I created a new bucket just for my main domain, and set-it up again and re-enabled Cloudflare on my site, used standard cache configuration and purged everything. Suddenly, my main site as well as my sub-domain site started working.

Did anyone else face this issue?

I’m trying to understand the root cause of this issue and more importantly, if it is something that I need to worry about my site in the future as it directly impacts my site’s availability.

Thanks in advance!

Given that a new bucket worked fine, it might have been something with the old bucket. Check you check the AWS logs?

After it worked fine and some testing, I reverted my DNS to point to the old bucket itself and it is working fine now.

Earlier also, when I used the S3 HTTP URL directly, that too was working fine.


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