Static URL?

When setting up tunnels using a domain, is it possible to use a “fixed” hostname that doesn’t change after each run of the tunnel? Would cloudflared be able to designate a random hostname and let us use it indefinitely, and only expire it if it hasn’t been used for a certain period (say 2-3 months)?

That’s a Quick Tunnel, and they’re just meant to be a temporary sandbox. If you want something permanent, you’d need to set this up with a fixed domain.

There’s no SLA. It could go down at any time and you’d need to start a new tunnel on a new temporary hostname.

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I understand the quick tunnel temporary-ness of domains and the SLA.
But one use-case we’ve run into is letting our developers use Cloudflare Tunnels to share their internal dev instances w/ their teammates or clients. They wanted the URL they share to be relatively stable, and didn’t want to go through the process of adding a domain to their workflow (which exposes some additional security risks).

The ability to just have a semi-permanent would solve some of the unnecessary setup they would have to do and keep track of.