Static subdomain breaks the option to do proxy on www

i have static subdomain which is DNS Only
and i have www subdomain.

when i enable the Proxy on the www subdomain,
i am getting warning about the files from static subdomain are not cookie-free

if i disable the proxy on the www subdomain,
everything is good regarding the static subdomain
but then i am not using proxy on the www subdomain.

how i can still use static subdomain and still have proxy on the www subdomain ?


Can yo post a screenshot of your DNS settings (redact IP address) and the warning message you get?

here is the dns -

and the error -

and here is the dns with no proxy in the www

and no error -

Ohh, THAT “warning”. Thats nothing to worry about. I am not even sure why they think they need to complain about it.

But why wouldnt you proxy “static” in this case too? Thats the whole point of Cloudflare and its caching.

because Cloudflare put a cookie everytime,
and it will hurt my score regarding the cookie-free domain

i am trying to get a perfect 100 score
i know it’s not really important,
but it still lowering the score, and i need to get 100 (because i am trying to show all the steps to improve the speed score)

currently i have 4 options -

  1. not using Cloudflare proxy at all,
    but thats the point of Cloudflare, and i want it…

  2. use a different CDN like KeyCDN, MaxCDN… in which i can have static cookie free sub domain
    but it will cost money (in the long run, i will do that and stop using Cloudflare)

  3. use proxy, but then i will get lower score
    not good for me at this point, because this is the goal.

  4. solve my problem i mentioned in the first post so i can have static sub domain (not proxy) with Cloudflare
    with my www subdomain with proxy
    currently this is the best option for me at this moment.


That score is absolutely irrelevant and your site’s performance wont increase by 0.01 points by addressing this “issue”.

I am sorry for putting it bluntly but these “recommendations” are simply scaremongering, which are taken out of context, respectively do not have any foundation in the first place.

Should you, for whatever reason, nonetheless desire to get rid of that cookie message, your only option will be to disable proxying altogether everywhere.


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