Static site with Cache Everything has only an average of 60% cache ratio

I have a static website hosted on Google Cloud Storage, exposed to the internet via Cloud Flare. I use “Caching Level”: “Ignore query string” and custom page rule for “*” with setting: “Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: a month”. When I lookup my cache statistics, the average oscillates around 60%, How to get to 90+%? As my website is a static blog which changes once a month or even less, my understanding is that I should get basically 100% cache hit ratio, including JS/images/HTML with those settings… Please advise.

Cloudflare does not keep files in cache indefinitely.

  1. Every edge node is its own cache, so first visitors through an edge node will not hit the cache.
  2. Files not used often enough will get kicked out of the cache.

On top of what @sdayman said, I believe that 1 hit won’t actually cache the static content. Usually CDNs will only cache the content that they know is being queried frequently, meaning that if you happen to have 1 visitor from a country you dont usually have traffic from, chances are that the site won’t be cached.

Caching at the end has a price, it would be “pointless” to cache content which is barely queried.

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Seems reasonable, thanks for your answers!

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