Static resources wont load

Hi, we went from using Googles, DNS servers in our router to Cloudflares,

Everything went fine for a couple of days but for some reason our cloud-based CRM ( stops working on all 20 computers. Restarting our equipment and cleaning browser cache doesn’t work. The only soluiton is to change the router DNS back to Google or our ISPs DNS.

So what happends is that all CSS and JS files stops loading making our CRM not responding. This only seems to affect

Anyone else experienced anything like this?

Do you have the domain from which the content is served (assuming it’s different)? I see no issues on that domain you provided.

We go this error last week, so when at Upsales and pressing CTRL + F5 all CSS and JS fail to load.

What I can see it’s trying to load from:

Previous times we went back to the and DNS servers and everything worked for a week or two. But this time we wanted to do some troubleshooting before going back.

Any suggestions?

When you had those issues, you were you able to access the site but with errors right and did you see that loading circle?

Yes, I was able to load the site but I could only see the blue circle but it was not animated and was covering the whole browser.

In that case, It’s probably an issue with either an adblocker or some other privacy settings in your browsers.