Static page caching level

On static pages website, I have 2 caching settings:
a. For html pages caching: Page rule > Cache level=Cache everthing
b. For caching of html without parameters: Caching > Configuration > Caching level=Ignot query string
It seems that the “ignor query” string setup is not working:
When testing I get short response time from all edge servers.
When testing I get short response time from some edge servers and long response time from the other edge servers. Since the page is static both URLs should be cached as the same page.

  1. How can I setup CF to cache static html pages and ignore the query string (url parameters), to get short response time with all the edge servers, even if url has query string?
  2. Is there a way to cache the pages on the browser, while ignoring the query string?
  3. What setting has the highest priority page rules>cache level or caching>configuration>caching level?