Static js files are returning as empty files for subdomain

Hello guys,
I’m trying to set worker for some of my subdomain…
the worker that I’m trying to use is the one that Im using for the main domain.
for example - main domain: - subdomain -

the main one is working fine, while the sub domain is not serving the static files as well.
(the sites are the same, the sub domain is only a duplication of the main).

what can be the reason for that empty js files serving?


CF Workers only works on proxied subdomains - is mail proxied?

the subdomain is proxied and the worker is working…
the problem is with static js and css files… I can see that the HTML is containing the relevant script tag, but the page is broken cause the script is coming empty,
My website is a Wordpress website and one of the scripts that the WP using is jQuery.js
at the devtools network tab I see that jQuery.js got status 200, but the content of this file is empty, and therefore the page is broken

Is the subdomain is serving the files from the main domain? or were the URLs rewritten to the subdomain?

the URLs are already changed to the subdomain… each website holding its own files and the URLs pointing to the correct host

What’s the domain and subdomain?

Are the files served from the sub-domain?
Do you have some strict-origin or allow access control origin HTTP header anywhere defined?

Depending on the WordPress version, by default on a newer version jQuery is removed. You would need to add/include it via your WP theme or use some plugin like WordPress jQuery Migrate.

Is Rocket Loader enabled at Cloudflare dashboard? How about JS Minify?