Static IP to replace VPN for access to customer servers

I am testing out Cloudflare Zero Network Access for my company to see if we can replace our VPN server. It works well for applications and servers that we control ourselves.
Besides our own applications and servers, there is a third way for us that we use VPN. For some of our customers we need access to their servers and they use IP-whitelisting to give us access. Access is currently given through our static ip-address of our VPN server. I have no control of the servers of that clients.
We are also not using the Enterprise plan which includes static egress because we are not big enough as a company to switch to that plan.
I read in an old post that you can create a route mapping to that server in your tunnel and then the ip-address of your tunnel-server is used. Which is a static ip in my situation.
I tried that but I don’t get the ip-address of the tunnel-server when I check that. It is using a Cloudflare ip-address.
Does anyone know if using Zero Trust as a static ip to connect to servers is possible?

I too would like to know how Argo tunnels and private IP addresses work.

Is there a private IP address for each connected device to the Cloudflare Tunnel ? As I have not been able to find this?


Yes just add their server ip or domain to the excluded split tunnel list, I did this via dashboard and worked great.