Static IP of company blocklisted?

Hello community,

it seems the static IP of our company got blacklisted by Cloudflare as we get the “Please Wait. We are checking your browser …” message on every website protected by Cloudflare since today and after the website loads, no assets are being loaded so all websites are unusable.

Where can I reach out to the support, why our IP has been blacklisted and how to whitelist it again?

There isn’t really any sort of manual blacklist - your ‘threat’ score is dictated by the reputation of your IP address and customer’s Security Level thresholds dictate how sensitive their site is to your threat score. is one place to check but Cloudflare will also take note of any abusive or malicious traffic from your IP(s) towards any of their protected properties as well.

Effectively, your threat score shouldn’t be any higher than low single digits unless one or more devices using your IP address has been compromised and sending out malicious traffic.

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