Static IP Blocked

A number of services running on my network and various websites (any using Cloudflare) I attempt to access are being blocked / challenged with Captcha.

I’ve have checked my IP reputation with many of the databases and it comes up clean with all of them.

Anyone any advise as to where this is being blocked as requesting a new IP from my ISP is not a route I’d like to take.

Unfortunately there’s probably not much you can do, it is likely they have blocked your ISP, or a few address ranges from your ISP, or even your whole country. You could nag the owners of those sites to relax challenges/blocks, or you could use a VPN, or change ISP

Thanks for the reply.

Seems rather heavy handed to simply block IP’s seemingly just ‘because they feel like it’.

ISP are relatively well known (Virgin Media) and country is Ireland where many of the European data centers reside, so again I can only surmise that it’s been blocked because they can.
I’ve held this IP for a couple of years, never used to for spam or anything like that, I’ve run a sweep and all devices come up clean.

Oh that’s strange, I would’ve thought you were from Asia, as it’s not uncommon for websites to add rules to block China, Vietnam, and other South-East asian countries due to spam

Could you give any examples of which sites block you? Perhaps everyone is being challenged/blocked and it’s not just you

Thank you for the suggestions.

To be honest it’s a range of sites, the one common factor is that they state ‘performance & security by Cloudflare’.

While I am able to circumvent this (on a computer) using either a VPN or Privacy Pass, this isn’t really an option for mobile devices and I also use PushOver for notifications from one of the servers and this is also effected by Captcha.

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