Static image assets and fonts getting redirected to

We have our site orange clouded but I have created a catch-all page rule to disable caching as we dont need it. However, looking at my site some of the requests for static assets to images and fonts are getting redirected to this

Does anyone know what is going on?

That violation isn’t caching-related. It’s due to any disallowed use traversing the Cloudflare network through :orange: Proxied hostnames.

Is there anyway of finding out what that disallowed use is

ToS 2.8

Thats not overly helpful, as while we did accidentally serve up video assets for a short period due to a misconfiguration on one of our subdomains we havnt been for a long time and so would this still be in effect or is it saying there is a new tos violation?

Sorry, but when it comes to Trust and Safety, there’s very little the Community can help with. You’d have to contact them: abuse AT cloudflare DOT com to see what’s going on.

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