Static HTML cache

Good evening
I’m new, and I’m not familiar with cloudflare.
my site is too slow, and they suggested that I create a static HTML cache rule
In this case, consider storing it in the cache with Cloudflare - How can I store static HTML in the cache? .
how do i create a rule ??
can someone help me?


Cloudflare does not cache HTML by default. But with Page Rules, you can request Cloudflare to “cache everything” for a certain URL pattern (even if the pattern includes your whole site).

Assuming the page content is static (doesn’t change from visitor to visitor), you can create a Page Rule with:

Setting: Cache Level: Cache Everything

Only one page rule applies to any given URL. So if you have parts of your site (such as admin sections) that you do not want to be cached, you’d need to create page rules for those parts.and place these page rules above (before) the one I mentioned.

Setting: Cache Level: Standard

Thank you for the reply.
when I create the rule, the system does not save it

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