Static files super slow with Cloudflare Free Plan

Hello everyone,

I noticed that static files are delivered painfully slow for my websites in the Cloudflare Free Plan.

For testing I have the same static Website:

  1. Running on a domain with Cloudflare Free Plan:

  2. Runnind on same server as 1) but with Cloudflare Pro Plan:

  3. Running without Cloudflare:

(Tests where made with Telekom DSL 250 in Germany)

I am honestly shocked by the low performance of the Cloudflare Free Plan. Sure the Pro Plan should get more resources and everything, but this is just extre.

Anyone any idea what is happening here?

Thank you,

Screen 2:

If that’s DTAG, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s bad routing by the ISP.


Screen 3:

And it is affecting only the free plan? :thinking:

Sure looks that way. Different plan levels tend to have different IP address blocks.

Hm … that means, that – al least at the moment – the Free Plan is quite unusable for Telekom customers, developers and visitors alike?