Static Content keeps expiring

Hello, Static Content keeps expiring after 2-3 minutes, ignoring any cache-control set.
I get HIT cf-cache-status for 2-3 minutes, then It becomes expired and served from the origin for another few minutes and starts again…sorry I can’t really explain this better. please look at the image attached

Any suggestion would be much appreciated.

The “date” header is something Cloudflare itself changes/overwrites when it returns the cached response. You can see that the “age” header shows 100 [seconds] and “cf-cache-status” shows “HIT”.

Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I didn’t get any closer to the solution.

Is there any way to recieve support from Cloudflare, or contact them directly?
From where I stand, I’m paying for service that doesn’t work as it should be.

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You’re very good but it redirects me to this page

Click ‘get more help’

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oh thanks

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