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I’d like to setup Cloudflare for my personal blog. However, I cannot enable full DNS & HTTP caching for the main domain, because I’d loose access to the control panel of my hosting and ability to upload any files, which are both served through the main domain.

It is possible (and allowed, according to the terms of use) to create the following setup under the free plan?

  • main domain - only DNS caching,
  • dedicated subdomain for static content (CSS, JS, images) which is cached by Cloudflare.


@nightstorm you could try using page rules , also could exclude your control panel from caching functions etc, Also the Upload Limit will only apply for to dns with Cloudflare Enabled (Orange Cloud) I’m sure a Cloudflare admin/mod can confirm though.

Upload Limit Plans
100MB Free
100MB Pro
200MB Business
500MB Enterprise

You can use a separate Domain to serve static resources. It would be much better in terms of security and management. You can use it with Cloudflare, by pointing back to your host IP.

Another less secure method (Due to leaking of origin IP)

Go to DNS tab of Cloudflare and keep Proxy turned off for host related records such as FTP, cPanel, etc. Keep only A record and www over the DNS & Proxy (Hint: Orange color). I hope this helps.

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I haven’t been able to start a new topic but this seems similar to my question below.

My hoster, a Cloudflare cPanel partner, has suggested that I could use Cloudflare as a traditional CDN.

The idea is that I setup up a subdomain e.g. which I setup with Cloudflare. My site served by the CMS will live and be served from but all the assets and resources will be stored on .

Unfortunately when I set this up, using Https , the certificate is invalid for it seems is not set up on the certificate which is issued but does not work.

Is this something that should work?

Many thanks


If on the SSL/TLS app a certificate is still pending after you have completed the nameserver setup and it has been more than 24 hours, please file a support ticket. A wildcard cert is issued for all domains by default which should cover If a cert is issued, it should work if the host in question is orange clouded.

I’m not sure why you couldn’t also use your main domain through Cloudflare