State/province and country/region in WHOIS

I noticed the following information in the WHOIS redaction documentation:

The following fields will continue to show in WHOIS, due to ICANN policy:

  • Registrant state/province.
  • Registrant country.

However, on the Registry Registration Data Directory Services Consistent Labeling and Display Policy page, ICANN states that this information is optional.

10.A Registry Operator that is permitted to provide redacted RDDS output in its registry agreement MAY treat the following fields as optional regardless of the existence of data in the Registry’s Shared Registration System (SRS) as described in clarification 1 of the WHOIS Advisory. The redacted RDDS output MUST be consistent with the relevant RDDS provisions in the Registry Operator’s registry agreement

  • Registrant/Admin/Tech State/Province
  • Registrant/Admin/Tech Country

So which ICANN policy does Cloudflare follow?

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When you register a domain there are 4 contacts you can provide Registrant, Administrative, Technical, and Billing. Cloudflare will redact all information apart from the Registrant state/province. and Registrant country. Provided that the information is the same across all contacts.

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So why keep Registrant state/province and Registrant country information?
The ICANN policy I’ve found shows that they are all optional.
But Cloudflare claims to keep both pieces of information because of ICANN policy.

May I ask for which TLD is it related (gTLD, ccTLD …) and if the interested domain name is:

  1. Registered using Cloudflare Registrar?
  2. Transfered to Cloudflare Registrar?
  3. Registered using third-party registrar?

And, just to add a note, not all domains can apply WHOIS privacy.

I’m already using the Cloudflare Registrar and currently see that both .COM and .ME have WHOIS redaction deployed.

The WHOIS information found at and both show Registrant state/province and Registrant country.

I checked a .com I have registered here and the data matches the output I see from a regular whois lookup. All data is redacted. I don’t have a .me registered here (mine is at Porkbun), but the shows a state/province that’s not mine. It does show my country, though. It’s probably the privacy service Porkbun uses for registrations.

Take as an example, showing Registrant State/Province and Registrant Country.

It doesn’t make sense for us to keep talking about this, I’m just wondering why Cloudflare doesn’t redact these two pieces of information. They are optional according to the Registry Registration Data Directory Services Consistent Labeling and Display Policy.