State of transfer domain

Started transfer of domain *.agency
It is second day and tomorrow is last one to renew it.
I write message to my provider (OVH) and to Cloudflare because something not working and transfer is in middle somewhere.
Getting that message:

Domain Registration

Status: Approval pending
Registrar: Unknown (Donuts-OVHsas-xxx)
Expires: Feb 1, 2019

How It look from perspective Cloudflare?
After 1 Feb and this message, they will transfer or I must renew in my old registrat ?
Can someone provide details of what they will do or not. For example, after paying, what status need to be to be sure that is only time and renew will be in place (after delay you get high price to renew it or it can be more difficult)
There even is some “migration” on billing side so I don’t know of actual status is.
Pleas help :frowning:

It generally takes around 5 days to automatically transfer. You should be able to contact your old registrar and ask them to approve the transfer sooner. The option might also be somewhere on your control panel there.

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