Starting with a domain on Cloudflare

I just bought a domain from Cloudflare and I’m unsure how to get this to work. I thought I would just be able to buy the domain have it be hosted under Cloudflare, and I would be on to starting to add wordpress to the whole thing. But I can’t figure out what is going on or what to do next. I’ve looked through posts, Googled, and Youtube, but I’m missing something.

After buying a domain with Cloudflare what are the next steps I need to do to get it live?


Cloudflare is a DNS provider / cache / CDN / domain registrar / etc but not a web host. Well, they do have a web hosting platform (Cloudflare Pages) but it’s for static websites with no server-side code… mostly (there’s a thing called Cloudflare Workers but it’s it’s own thing)

I don’t know much about Wordpress but as I understand it you have a few options to get up & running.

Option 1 is to create an account through and connect your domain to it (requires a paid plan). See info at Connect a Domain – Support You’d need to use the “Connect with A Records” process

Option 2 is self-host Wordpess on your own server, which is free, but you have to have a server to host it on. Maybe a cheap VPS for a couple dollars a month if you’re not expecting a lot of traffic. Software is available at Download – if you’re not familiar with server administration there may be a learning curve

Option 3 are third-party Wordpress hosting platforms. There are a few listed at WordPress Hosting | and probably many more that aren’t listed.

In the interest of completionism, I should mention Deploy a static WordPress site · Cloudflare Pages docs which talks about using Cloudflare Workers to serve a static copy of a Wordpress site… but you’d have to have a Wordpress site already. And a bunch of other caveats like no comments. Might be difficult to set up, most things involving Workers are kinda difficult…

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