Started migration to cloudflare but DNS now looks old

I did a lookup of my domain with Cloudflare and it provided me my DNS records. I noticed that they were old entries and I needed to make some updates, which I did with current DNS host, Microsoft. After that I went back to Cloudflare and they’re asking to update my name servers to theirs (from MS) to complete the process, but the DNS entries they’re showing on the dashboard still show the old entries. I don’t want to move over to CF and all my entries revert back. I’ve tried to “refresh” the DNS entries on the dashboard but they don’t update - it’s been about 24 hrs since making the changes. I’d like to make the move to Cloudflare but would like the make sure the new dns entries are used. How can I get Cloudflare to show the new entries? Can I cancel the process of moving my domain over, which currently shows pending, and start over? Is there another way?

You have to edit them in Cloudflare. You only get one DNS record scan when you first add a domain. Deleting your domain and adding it again will not trigger a new scan, but will restore the records that were there when you removed it, so don’t do that. It will only cause you wasted time. Updating your DNS records in Cloudflare is easy.

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