Start with Cloudflare and SSL


i have add the Nameserver from Cloudflare to my domains.
I see on cloudflare domain are added and website runs faster.
SSL/TLS is flexibel but when i open Browser says connection is not secure.
What i must do for a save connection?


First mistake. That should be “Full strict”.

Also, of course you do need a certificate on your server. Fix that first so that your site works on HTTPS without Cloudflare.

Ok thank you, where i got the certificate?
I thought all comes from Cloudflare?

Any certificate you wish, doesn’t have to be Cloudflare specific. Cloudflare would provide Origin certificates which you can install on your server.

Also, use the search here for details.

This is for pay or free?
I thought the Universal SSL is enough, i don´t know what i must do.


No, Universal SSL is not enough as you obviously need a certificate on your server too.

You best talk to your host about that - and once more, Origin certificates are an option as well → Search

Universal SSL
Universal SSL is the name of the free Cloudflare SSL service. If Cloudflare is your authoritative DNS provider, Universal SSL Certificates are usually issued within 15 minutes of domain activation with Cloudflare and do not require any further customer action after domain activation. Alternatively, if you use Cloudflare services through CNAME records set with your authoritative DNS provider, DNS verification records must be manually added to your authoritative DNS provider in order to deploy your Universal SSL Certificate.

Ok my hoster is smartasp, here i must pay for

Even if you bring your own certificate? In that case I’d consider changing the host.

No i have the Basic plan, don´t work.
I thought i can put the certificate file in my host folder and that´s it or
i can add CName information.

In that case you either need to pay them or switch to another host.

Ok thank you, i must look.


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