Stalled domain transfer

Recently I’ve opted in to have all my domains directly on Cloudflare and have therefor transferred it over with authentication key and everything done. Later on I got an email from Cloudflare with the topic “Domain transfer stalled”.

I’m heavily confused over what the issue can be, as from the original domain hotel perspective, all the domains I requested to transfer are gone and on Cloudflare, it says that they are now inside Cloudflare’s system.

My main question after some context is; are the domains then transferred or are there any issues due to the emails saying otherwise?

What’s the domain name? Happy to look it up.

The domain is

Looks like the transfer completed:

That note goes out once a transfer crosses the five day mark, which is also the deadline your registrar has for releasing the domain. It’s possible the email triggered right before your previous registrar released it (we’ll take a look at calibrating it better for cases like this).


Wonderful, thank you for the quick response to my question. Now at least, I don’t need to worry about it anymore.