Stall on Loading Webpage


Just curious if there’s a setting somewhere that would eliminate the time for the page to start loading when I either refresh or click to another page within the site. Right now, it takes exactly 7 seconds before the webpage reloads whenever I refresh or go to another page.

Thank you

That sounds like a slow server. What’s the domain?

Hi sdayman,

Really? That would be a shocker…



It’s not taking 7 seconds for me, and testing tools show about half that time for the entire home page. The home page HTML itself loads in about one second for me. A couple of things I see:
Something is adding a varying query string to JS and CSS files. Cloudflare won’t cache these in order to speed up your site.
Your static resources are also only set to cache for one hour. That’s excessively brief for static resources.

OK, I’m thinking once you log in, time is increasing as the site fetches data from the stock exchanges. Could that be the cause?

I changed the cache for 4 hours, what would be best time for caching? I think I read somewhere where 4 hours is ideal. As for the query strings, I’ll bring this to my developers attention.

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