Stale-While-Revalidate Support

I’d like to continue the conversation in this previously closed post Stale-While-Revalidate not supported

I’m very interested in Cloudflare support for this but will be forced to migrate to Fastly if it’s not possible.

Question What is the proper way to ALWAYS serve stale content, but have the Cloudflare cache update in the background?

I’ve written a lengthy SO post about this, but the crux of the issue is which Cache-Control/Surrogate-Control headers to use to ensure the CDN cache layer is always refreshed asynchronously in the background while stale content is served to users.

I’d like to see support for this as well. I was doing some testing just now and went down this rabbit hole. It seems it is not supported.

Here it seems like they are aware and may be working on it:

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