Stale SSL records impacting Shopify Connection

Hello everyone,

I appear to have the same issue as the ticket linked here: The issue to attach the domain to the Shopify account

But I can not log a ticket to get support. I click on Create Request but I just get diverted to community

Anyone from support here that can help me please?

Thank you in advaance

It looks like in that thread, the poster had their domain hosted by a Cloudflare partner. In such cases, you should contact the partner and ask them to completely remove your domain from theirs, and Cloudflare’s system, as noted in this Expert Response:

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Thank you for your reply @sdayman.
My domain is hosted with Portfast and my DNS with Cloudflare. The Shopify site have no permission on y hosting it is just a redirect. They have advused me to raise a ticket with Cloudflare.

Are you saying you type in your domain name, then the URL redirects to some other URL?

What’s the actual domain you’re trying to get working on Shopify?

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I have configured a Domain name to use for a shopify store

The domain name is

If you navigate there you get a 404 Error which I wouldnt usually think is an SSL issue but Shopify support are telling me they have seen this before on their provisioning tool.

Your domain points to Shopify. This is something Shopify should fix, as they’re hosting your site, which is shown in DNS:

As you’ve already discovered, you can’t open a ticket here. Shopify can. They can also Live Chat. That’s what Enterprise plans, such as what Shopify has, come with.


Got ya. Thats great. thank you I will go back to them again.

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Shopify stated they can not raise a ticket for me.
Would deleting and readding the zone fix this? What are your thoughts?

Redoing the Zone isn’t going to fix it. You’d have the same problem no matter where you set up your DNS.

There’s nothing more I can recommend. Shopify had their chance to fix this.

Does this screenshot not mean that there is a stale record here at Cloudflare?

My configuration is clear on my portal but this comes up when I use an SSL checker.

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