Stale CF-COnnecting-IP Header Part 2

A little while ago, I posted about this issue:

Today, with the help of a more knowledgeable friend, we tried to dig deep into this issue, testing across different servers and configurations.

What we found is this:

  • There are several different CloudFlare IPs that respond to the DNS request to our domain
  • When the Cloudflare IP is, this stale header issue occurs
  • On other Cloudflare IPs, the CF-Connecting-IP header is updated immediately after resetting the client connection

So, this is definitely an issue on the CF side of things.

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I’m wondering if it could be something ISP specific as I cannot reproduce any issue here, nor even imagine how it would happen.

I test a bit as I have multiple external IPs and can control which is used, it is always up to date when I make a switch. Even just flipping between wifi networks is sufficient.

Can you reproduce on sites that are not hosted on Cloudflare?

Tested in “gray cloud” mode, the REMOTE_ADDR and X_FORWARDED_FOR headers update immediately

You are referring to inbound connections here, correct?

I’d still say it is unlikely to be Cloudflare related, however if you can reproduce the issue it is best to open a support ticket and have them check out any potential issues with that particular address.

That’s right, my server is seeing stale IP client addresses from a CF server…

Let me see about opening a ticket, last tie I tried I was asked to post here…

Support told you to post here? Thats not exactly what they should do.

No, I mean, the process to find where to open a ticket on the website, encourages people to come and post here first. took a bit of digging t find the “open ticket” button, but it’s done :slight_smile:

Did you got any clarification from support?

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