Staging site problem

I have a main site which is, And I have a staging site which is it is created with sitegroung staging tool

if i enable Cloudflare my staging site is blocked i cant have access to it how can i use Cloudflare with my staging site

Do you have a CNAME record called staging?

yes 2 A record for my staging site point to my site ip with proxy
One is “staging.grouwt. com” to ip site - proxy
second “www.staging.grouwt. com” to ip site - proxy

also another problem Cloudflare block gtmetrix how can i fix that ?

So…you do not have a CNAME record called staging, right?

I don’t get any response to A, AAAA or CNAME queries for or is going to encounter subdomain too deep challenges with Cloudflare Universal SSL if proxied.

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i found a solution to the problem disable proxy to dns only , so the only site proxied will be my live site

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