Staged changes to domain & subdomain help needed


I have a problem and I am not sure what terms I need to use to ask the correct question thus google and other searches are not being too helpful for me.

I have a dedicated web server that hosts my website and IoT sensors (CentOS & WHM/cPanel).
I also have a cname record that points to a newly created shopify account (as per their instructions)

Currently → points to my servers IP address → point to shopify

I have some IoT sensors that connect directly to on both port 80 and via MQTTs on port 8883.

I also have .htaccess files so that all web traffic is redirected from port 80 to port 443 with the exception of a directory that the sensors can access via port 80.

Needed now
I want to create so that the sensors can connect to that via port 80 and 8883.
I need the website to be still visible on

Needed in several weeks
The domain name redirects to shopify.’ will become the web site being served from my server.

Unfortunately I need to do this in stages so that I can transfer working sensors from using to and once they are moved and working, then move the website from to, then finally make go to shopify.

I am using Cloudflare for all my DNS stuff, so I am not using Bind on my server.

I am not sure if what I am asking is possible and any guidance is appreciated.

Port 80 would work over Cloudflare, port 8883 would not. What you could do in this case is simply keep your “io” host on :grey: and not proxy it over Cloudflare. In this case you’ll be using Cloudflare only for DNS though.

Hi @sandro, thanks for your very quick reply.
I should have mentioned that am using DNS only so no traffic is going through Cloudflare.
I am not very smart with this stuff, but I am thinking it will be something I need to do on my server.

I have A record pointing to my IP address, and I created a subdomain in cPanel but when I enter the .io subdomain it redirects to my main site which I feel maybe a .htaccess file issue.

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