Stackpath to Cloudflare migration (WAF)

Hello guys. Our company is thinking of migrating the current WAF supported by Stackpath to Cloudflare. I was poking around the tutorial site and search button, but I didn’t see some guide regarding this matter.
Is it available? Do you happen to know if there is a site that covers this topic? We are only using and will be the WAF features.


Are you specifically looking for a documentation for WAF migration?

You would first need to choose a set-up on Cloudflare for your domain, there are 3 types:

Once on Cloudflare, you can use any Cloudflare services on your entire domain or only some subdomains, depending on your set-up, which includes WAF.

Hello Wanda, thanks for your answer. The idea is to migrate all the rules and configurations we have on StackPath to Cloudflare as a WAF solution. We do not know what the equivalencies are regarding features for rules, policies, and so on. We are new to Cloudflare. The document you shared will be helpful.

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