Stackpath and Cloudflare configuare error

Summary : Use Cloude flare SSL, Not use Stackpath SSL. - SSL error

I recently set up Cloudflare to secure my website with HTTPS, but I am receiving a security certificate error when trying to access the site. The error message states that the SSL certificate being used is from *, rather than my domain name ([domain].com).

I have checked the SSL certificate and confirmed that it is valid and properly configured. I have also verified that my DNS settings are correctly configured to point to the correct server. However, the error persists.

Could you please investigate this issue further and provide any guidance or assistance in resolving it? I appreciate your help in this matter.

Cloudflare - DNS Record

  • A record | domain | [stackpath ip] | DNS only | 5min
  • Cname | www | [stackpath cdn domain] | DNS only | 5min

Cloudflare - SSL/TLS

  • Full (strict)
  • SSL/TLS recommender (checked)


  • CDN on
  • WAF on
  • Edge SSL (removed)

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