šŸš« [ssr] Error: The 'mode' field on 'RequestInitializerDict' is not implemented

Iā€™m using Astro build project using SSR and it works ok locally but when I use wrangler to prepare for Cloudflare it gives the following error:

The 'credentials' field on 'RequestInitializerDict' is not implemented.

The important is the issue is when using swell-js it gives this error but when using fetch and a public endpoint it works both locally and in wrangler.

  at checkURL

at Object.apply
at e (file:///home/dist/_worker.js:49:109124)
at Object.list (file:///home/dist/_worker.js:49:41677)
at e (file:///home/dist/_worker.js:57:1116)
at index (file:///home/dist/_worker.js:9:222)
at im (file:///home/zdist/worker.js:23:284)
at P
at am (file:///home/dist/_worker.js:38:2579)
at xx (file:///home/dist/_worker.js:108:15205) (x6)

[wrangler:inf] GET / 500 Internal Server Error (32ms)