Sso hide details

I am trying to make video on cloudflare SSO but i am confused as what details to hide while making the video…

There’s not that many details to hide if you’re going to get rid of the application later.

Even if you don’t, SSO configuration goes two ways, so it’s unlikely that there’s any real threat if you accidentally leak something. Just hide some important information just in case (or delete the application that you’re working with after your done).

:joy: I am only confused with what important information to hide, what should be the information i should hide.

Also what if i delete the application afterwards and recreate it? Would it affect?

If you delete the application (from the SSO source, not just Cloudflare Access), then the details are reset.
Once again, if you didn’t, it’s highly unlikely that anything would happen. Most of the details that you enter are public anyway, they’re just redirect URLs. It’s just a good precautionary to not use anything in production if you’ve publicly acknowledged it in a public video.

Thanks for clearing my doubt @neuronbutter

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