Ssllabs reports my site works only in browsers with SNI support?

But it should not since I’m on Pro plan with Dedicated SSL.


Support ticket (#1741799).

Other domains I manage same under Pro plan don’t have this issue, even though they are just using Universal SSL.

As you’ve already opened a support ticket, I’m sure you’ll get a better answer from them.

From what I know, Cloudflare is transitioning to to certificates that all require SNI. How that affects Paid plans and Dedicated Certificates is not something I’ve seen a solid answer for.

Please let us know what Support says about the situation.

Both Universal SSL and Dedicated SSL certificates require SNI support.

Understanding Universal SSL

Managing Dedicated SSL Certificates

If you wish to make use of a custom SSL certificate that supports browsers without SNI support, you would need to upgrade to a Business plan and enable Legacy Client support when uploading the SSL certificate. Business plans support one custom SSL certificate per zone.

Managing Custom SSL certificates

and that’s unfortunate :frowning:

Agreed. Not everybody in the world has modern hardware and software.

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