I have seen some sites get universal certificate and some What is the difference between two? and how do cloudflare select which domain get what?


SNI is the nice new one that only has your domain names listed in the certificate.

The sslNNNNNN ones are the older ones that are shared amongst several domains on that edge server. These are slowly being phased out. One of my sites still has this one, but it’s down to just one other domain shared on it. It used to be at least ten.

I believe there may be be a browser incompatibility issue with one of these, in that very old browsers that don’t support SNI won’t work on them. Judging by the name, I’m guessing it’s the newer SNI ones.

I don’t know what the criteria is for which one you’d get, but I can’t find any any of my recent additions with an sslNNNNNN one.


Thanks for clarification.

Is there any data shown in cloudflare, where we get to know how many user not able to connect to our site (because they were using very very old browser).

No. Unless you’re on an Enterprise plan, you won’t see this. Even then, I’m not so sure. And in my opinion, anybody using a browser that old has bigger problems, as they’re an an unsupported OS that’s not receiving security updates.


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