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Hello all. How can I add CAA records to Cloudflare? For a password manager I need an SSL certificate, which runs on According to ZeroSSl I have followed these instructions. I added the entries as CAA entry, at the DNS entries. When I click on Verify at ZeroSSL, I get the following error message Our system has detected invalid CAA DNS records for some of your domains. To resolve this, please either remove all CAA records for the domains marked below or follow the steps in this

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You make CAA records from the DNS records page.

Please note that Cloudflare adds CAA records when you use Universal SSL

Please keep in mind:

  1. Cloudflare already provides Universal SSL which is automatic, and doesn’t require manually adding/editing CAA records, so if you can I’d recommend using that
  2. If you do add your own CAA record, you will see some auto-generated ones by Cloudflare for Universal SSL that must stay there unless you disable Universal SSL

Where can I load the certificate on Cloudflare? Need it urgently.

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