SSL/Zero-downtime failover questions


I would like to use the CDN for some static content, but need the user to see the SSL installed on the server, and not the CloudFlare SSL.

  • Does the SSL/TLS option: “FULL Encrypts end-to-end, using a self signed certificate on the server” use my certificate for the CDN content? or how does it work?
  • Does this work on the FREE/20$PRO plans?

I need a to enable the “zero-downtime failover” DNS feature, but can’t find anything in the control panel on how it works.

  • Do I set up multiple A/AAAA DNS records with all my endpoints? And when one goes down, what happens to the users that have the bad IP cached?

In that case you need to bring your own certificate, which requires at least the Business plan.

Why, though?

No, and you shouldnt use “Full” but “Full strict”, as only the latter is properly secure.

So, to use my own SSL on the client side with a CDN, that’s 200$/month, but if I use the DNS only, without a proxy, then works on the FREE plan, correct?


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