SSL works only on non-proxied website

I have this SSL issue with Cloudflare since many years. Tried many solutions to fix the issue but no luck. The guys at the hosting company also tried to investigate but again nothing worked.

I tried the free SSL provided by Cloudflare and also tried a Certificate provided by Let’s Encrypt which is managed by CPANEL but non worked for me. I’ve switched over all the available SSL settings on cloudflare (Flexible, Full, Full Strict) nothing worked as I keep getting “No SSL Certificate can be found” message inside my Wordpress dashboard.

I’ve contacted the web hosting support and after an hour of investigating they said that the issue is due to conflict with Cloudflare which they have no access to.

The only solution that worked for me is by removing Cloudflare proxy from that website in DNS tab. Also it worked when I paused cloudflare. But I NEED cloudflare to protect my website so what can I do? My personal explanation is something with Cloudflare settings since this account is years old and was actually managed by multiple guys before me. So most of the settings are edited or changed and I don’t feel like resetting the settings. Is there something specific to look for?

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Mohammed Kadhim

That’s a strange error to have from WordPress. If the domain was on Cloudflare and you let us know the domain, we would be able to examine it and offer some suggestions.

The problem is not specific to a single website on our domain. It happen across all of our domains and subdomains connected to this cloudflare account.

Regarding the “No SSL Certificate can be found” message on our wordpress website, it is associated with a wordpress plugin named “Really Simple SSL” which I use to enable SSL.

You can check our main domain “” which, according to cpanel dashboard, has a valid certificate by Let’s Encrypt. But I can’t enable SSL unless I disable cloudflare or by doing “DNS Only” on that domain…

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It does not look like cloudflare have a certificate for your domain., so :orange: will not be possible until you solve that problem.

I know that dedicated certificates are not available for .iq domains, but a custom certificate might be possible if you are on a Business plan or above. You will need to open a support ticket to see if there is a solution for your TLD.

Sorry but I am a bit confused…
I actually have a working certificate from Let’s Encrypt (which as mentioned works fine on non-proxied website), so are you saying that I still need cloudflare certificate to enable SSL?

To have HTTPS on a proxied (:orange:) hostname Cloudflare need a certificate for your hostname. Otherwise it’s DNS only. But contact support to see if they can help.

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